Energy....electricity....power.  If you are like me, you don't really think about these things until they go out or until you get a Godzilla sized billed for it at the end of the month.  Electricity is often viewed as an uncontrollable necessity but it doesn't have to be.  There are some things you can do to help lower your monthly electric bills.  Here are a few tips.

Seal It Up

Most houses have leaks of some kind.  Check for leaks around plumbing lines, electrical wires, windows, crawl spaces, air ducts, etc.  Get a can of caulking and seal those places up.  You'd be surprised at how much energy you can save over the course of a year when those leaks are sealed.

Thermostat, Thermostat, Thermostat

Get a programmable thermostat and watch those bills go lower and lower.  A programmable thermostat lets you adjust the the heating and cooling for various times of the day.  If you are only home early in the morning and late in the evening, then there's no reason to waste all that energy during the day.

Turn Down the Water Heater

Most water heaters are preset to 140 degrees from the manufacturer.  You don't need it that high.  Turn it down to 120 degrees.  This act alone can save you between 6%-10% per year.  That may not seem like a lot but all these things add up to a big number.

Light Bulbs

You may have noticed a big push for LEDs or CFLs recently.  Sure these bulbs cost more but they can really save energy when you replace all the bulbs in your house.  If trying to decide between the two options, LEDs have been known to have fewer issues.


Appliances have come a long way since their inception.  Things like refrigerators, heat pumps, air conditioners, etc are much more efficient than they were even five years ago.  If you have an appliance nearing the end of its life cycle you might be better off replacing it with a newer more energy efficient model.

Paying attention to all these little details can really add up in the long run.  Take some time to audit your house's energy situation and see where you might be able to reduce your costs.

Good luck!

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