Remember that song by Bare Naked Ladies called “If I Had a Million Dollars”?  The first line of that song says.

If I Had $1000000 (If I Had $1000000)
I'd buy you a house (I would buy you a house)

Well, I’m about to show you and the Bare Naked Ladies what kind of house you can get for a million dollars in different cities all across the United States.  Think they are all the same?  Think again.  In San Francisco you’ll pay on average $666 per square foot.  At one million dollars that’s only 1,500 square feet.  Head over to Detroit and only pay $12 per square foot.  That right there is a pretty big house for a million bucks!

Here’s the full list of cities and number of square feet you can get for a million dollars.

Now you’ve seen the list, what city would you choose if you had a million dollars?

San Francisco 1502 sq. ft.

Boston 2092 sq. ft.

Washington 2198 sq. ft.

New York 2358 sq. ft.

Los Angeles 2375 sq. ft.

San Diego 2899 sq. ft.

Long Beach 2933 sq. ft.

Oakland 3460 sq. ft.

Seattle 3472 sq. ft.

Denver 5025 sq. ft.

Austin 5128 sq. ft.

Miami 5291 sq. ft.

Portland 5348 sq. ft.

Charleston 5917 sq. ft.

Chicago 6173 sq. ft.

Minneapolis 6536 sq. ft.

Sacramento 6579 sq. ft.

Atlanta 6849 sq. ft.

Dallas 7042 sq. ft.

Baltimore 7692 sq. ft.

Phoenix 7937 sq. ft.

Nashville 8130 sq. ft.

Fresno 8264 sq. ft.

Mesa 8403 sq. ft.

Tucson 8772 sq. ft.

Colorado Springs 8850 sq. ft.

Raleigh 8850 sq. ft.

Las Vegas 9259 sq. ft.

Philadelphia 9346 sq. ft.

Charlotte 10204 sq. ft.

San Antonio 10526 sq. ft.

Houston 10573 sq. ft.

Jacksonville 11765 sq. ft.

Fort Worth 11765 sq. ft.

Arlington 12346 sq. ft.

Memphis 15625 sq. ft.

Cleveland 21739 sq. ft.

Detroit 83333 sq. ft.

Oh, and here’s a link to that song in case you’ve never heard it.


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